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Read below the most frequently asked questions about Pobuca Sales.

One of the main advantage of Pobuca Sales is the infinitely configurability. It is a fully customizable platform on all levels without limits, based on innovative technologies. Our platform flexibility, becomes your sales team's ultimate tool. Unique as you, will be personalized, branded with your company name, logo etc (personalized per user type also).

Pobuca Sales solution, removes the complexity of paper sales reporting and provides, in real time, a clear view of sales activity every day. All your valued data are synchronized safe and secure on your ERP (2-way integration) and all your data in Pobuca Sales are up to date. Pobuca Sales solution offers an Android mobile app and a powerful connectivity tool and an unlimited configurable desktop application as backoffice system.

Pobuca Sales offers a broad range of functionality. That's why the product includes 2 pricing plans, the Pobuca Sales Pro - available trial - no credit card required (15-day free trial) that costs $30/user/mo (billed annually) and the Enterprise version with advanced features of Order taking, Merchandizing, Van sales, Collections and Business development that costs $90/user/mo (billed annually).

Pobuca Sales will definetly boost your sales performance and reduce operating costs. Removing the complexity of the sales reps' tasks and taking more error-free orders per day, increase your B2B Field Sales and average sales order. Help your sales reps be more productive, reduce time on order management, elevate your brand and improve the relationship with your customers.

Reduce admin costs by fully integrating Pobuca Sales with your systems (ERP, CRM etc.)

Pobuca Sales provides also Geo data tech (Customers Geolocation, GeoMarketing, GeoFencing, reverse Geocoding, GPS tracking). You can map your customers and plan who to visit, when, and how to get there (integrates with Google Map GPS).


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